Mitchell River Watershed Strategic Plan

The Mitchell River Watershed Strategic Plan 2013-2016 is an update of the Mitchell River Watershed Management Plan created in 2000. It should be used to guide the direction of the Mitchell River watershed management group in prioritising the work they do in the catchment, and should be reviewed in 2016.

The original plan written in 2000 contains detailed information on the watershed and its issues, and should be used a reference document to supplement this document.

The revised goals and targets represented in this document have been formulated with the guidance of the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group Inc committee, staff and members, as well as the broader community of the catchment and external stakeholders.

Date released:
Apr 1 2013

This report was prepared by Linda Soteriou on behalf of the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group (MRWMG). Assistance was received from the committee of the MRWMG (in particular Ian Adcock Chair, Rob Ryan Treasurer and Viv Sinnamon) and from Brynn Mathews, CEO and Marie Short, Administration Officer.

The information on the Mitchell River watershed and its management issues was taken from the Mitchell River website, which in turn was copied from the Mitchell River Watershed Management Plan 2000.

Acknowledgement is made of the excellent work of Ben Westerberg, Project Officer of the MRWMG in preparing the original document. This project is supported by Mitchell River Watershed Management Group, with funding through a Community Action Grant from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.

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