Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council Community Plan 2011-2021

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council has put together this ten year community plan that will guide us towards our vision of achieving Strong Puuya, Strong Culture, Strong Future for Lockhart River and its people.

We need longer term views and better coordinated efforts by government, funded community groups, residents, and elected representatives at all levels to realise the visions outlined in these pages. For its part, Council has adopted the plan as the foundation for all of our governance strategies and documents that help us to manage towards a Strong Puuya, Strong Culture, Strong Future.

When decisions are being made about our community, we ask that people and agencies refer to this document as a guide. More so than any other document, this ‘people’s plan’ will guide every decision and action of my Council and will inform ongoing reviews of strategies and services.

Date released:
Jan 1 2011

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council.

Council would like to thank all of the people who contributed to the making of this Plan, and encourage them to now continue their good work in implementing the identified actions. As a living document, this community plan will be reviewed and improved regularly.

NRM Topic:
Art / Culture / Heritage / History, Indigenous Communities
Public contact:

Cairns Office : Ph: 07 4031 0155 Fax: 07 4031 5720
7 Anderson St , Manunda QLD 4870 E: reception@lockhart.qld.gov.au

Lockhart River Office: Ph: 07 4060 7144 Fax: 07 4060 7139
Maathuy Street, Lockhart River QLD 4892 E: reception2@lockhart.qld.gov.au

Local Government

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council area

Coverage Type: Govt jurisdiction
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