Regional Weed Spread Prevention Strategy 2008 - 2010

The Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC) Regional Weed Spread Prevention Strategy directs the principle management of priority weeds across the region through actions that minimise further spread of these weed species.

Date released:
Jan 1 2008

Agencies, industry and community members were invited to contribute to a draft report which was delivered to the Far North Queensland Local Government Pest Plan Advisory Committee (FNQLGPPAC) members in April 2007 and the FNQ Weed Spread Prevention Group in March and April 2007. Much of this initial report is included within the Strategy. Therefore, the Strategy represents the collective knowledge from community, agency and industry representatives across the Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC) member region.
The following individuals represented their local government, agency or industry as attendees of the FNQ Weed Spread Prevention Group, which met on the 12th December 2006 and 22nd March 2007.

Paul Davis, Biosecurity
Daniela Gambotto, FNQ NRM Ltd
Simon O’Donnell, Main Roads
Tim O’Brian, Atherton Shire Council
Vic Little, Biosecurity
Kylie Galway, Biosecurity
Paul Devine, Cardwell Shire Council
Natalie Dearden, Contractor
Ellen Weber, WTMA
Kirby Doak, FNQROC
Graham Warren, Q Rail
Darryl Evans, Biosecurity
John Clarkson QPWS
Geoff Meadows, QPWS
Roger Debels, Sunwater
Karen Rose Sunwater
Kath Dryden Terrain NRM
Peter Logan Douglas Shire
Troy Orchard Eacham Shire
Matthew Hyde Eacham Shire Council
Paul Devine Cardwell Shire Council
The following FNQ Local Government Officers: Peter Logan, Bart Dryden, Albert
Holder and Robert Tucker, provided extensive information towards the final
development of the strategy. David Wood (Power Link) and Barbara Waterhouse
(AQIS) also contributed advice. Liz Otto (Queensland Murray Darling Committee)
provided comments on the early stages of the Strategy.
Acknowledging all contributors is not possible; however it must be noted that the
range of stakeholders that have contributed to the development of the Strategy has
encouraged a coordinated and integrated approach to weed spread prevention across
the FNQROC member region.
The strategy was compiled by Kirby Doak.

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Travis Sydes

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Natural Landscapes and Pest Management, Energy & Street Lighting

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